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Here we go again.

Kinda not interessted in this blog the couple of months. Im so sorry. Well, I kinda had no time to update this, so it was kinda on hiatus. I will try to do my best to keep this updated. Thank you.


15.2.08 21:59

Bad, Bad..

Yeah, this day was BAD. Got my french exam back and my mark is: 4+ . OMFG. I was really really shocked and i really wanted to cry. Like, this is so bad for me IN French.
11.12.07 20:33

9.12.07 18:50

Sundays are always the same

Get up at 1 o' clock. Eat breakfast. Watch TV. Surf. Make homeworks. Learn. Watch TV. Surf. Surf. Shower. Watch TV. Go to Bed

Always the same, Y'all

9.12.07 18:44

Hey y'all

So this is it. MY PERSONAL DIARY IN ENGLISH. Yeah. I got some real nice friends from overseas so i guess i have to keep it in English so even they can understand it. And English is global. So thats why i chosed it. Hm. I hope i can upload this page daily. I will just start, guys .  Today i got up at like 1.20 PM ( yeah, weekend rocks). After that, i was alone at home and i enjoyed some free time, surfing & listening to music. But then...yeah,i had to start MATHS. Oh Gosh, that was like a moodkiller. Trying to understand it, i gave up and rushed to my friend TOM.  Thank god he helped me out. So, after learning one-two hours i came back home and some friends came over, so i had to spent some time with them. Just two hours ago they left and now im surfing & creating my new blog. Yeeaaah ^^ So. Ok. I will finish now. See yaxx
8.12.07 22:30

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